Saturday, February 2, 2008

A copy of the email to Bishop Alfred Owens

So apparantley, people in church are growing tired of gays in the choir and in other leadership's amazing to me how the church is deciding to handle this. It's even more amazing that these homosexuals who attend this church haven't created an uprorar...

Here's an excerpt of the letter sent to Bishop Owens:

Dear Bishop Alfred A. Owens:

As this year comes to a close I feel the need to get some things off my chest and out in the open. More importantly bring to your attention what continues to be a burden to me this year 2007. I just canʼt continue to stand around and watch and say nothing. I will be leaving from the choir @ the top of the year because 80% of the tenors are homosexuals and act more like a female in choir rehearsal than I do. The key players are (Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, and Xxxxxxx). Who all sing in the Alfred Owens Chorale! .

The following people I am asking you to monitor very closely and my pray is that you will sit them down from there ministries. Because they are ushering in a presence of sin, lies, a spirit of homosexuality, and sexual spirits. I know your next question is why and how would I know all of this information?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My open letter of Rebutt to J. Matthew Cobb

Mr. Cobb,

It is quite interesting to read your thoughts. I find you entertaining (at best)...however, I will attempt to not be as demeaning as you seem to be to people who are singing the Lord's praises. But Cobb, I've got to tell you, you've got some BIG BALLS atacking them. First of all, let me congratulate you on attracting countless individuals in the black gospel circuit to your blogs based on falsities and lies and tearing down people in the body of Christ. It's amazing how much attention you draw when you're spewing negative things out of your mouth concerning the people of God.

How dare you attack a ministry such as Dexter Walker & Zion Movement for their zeal and professional attitudes. I've only had the opportunity to witness this ministry in person once. It was amazing experience and full of energy and the anointing of God. These young people obviously have a heart for God, and for ministry. I had the opportunity to assist some of them before they ministered, and they were not only crying out to God, but remaining focused on the task at hand (TRUE ministry). You neglected to mention how many souls have been added to the kingdom, restored and encouraged by this ministry & "movement"

While I have no personal ties to Dexter or anyone in Zion Movement (so you can save the personal attakcs), I was immediately disturbed to hear you refer to the ministry of Zion Movement as full of "flamboyant praise breaks" and "Musicians playing all over each other"....Sir, based on what grounds do you have the right to say this. Where's your experience in the Gospel Industry? Whom have you sung, played & ministered to? Honestly, you should close your blog and go sit under a pastor that will tell you not to tear people, ministers & ministries down but builld them up. The last thing we need right now is someone else in the Kingdom with absolutely nothing VALID to say shaping our opinions of who God is using in this last and evil day..., and FYI, Those Flamboyant praisers definitely ministered to me!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Am I suprised?

Hell No! So Jamal makes the arrogant declaration that he'll continue to preach despite having multiple children outside of his marriage, and sleeping with countless individuals that he'll continue to pastor, PROFIT, and evangelize the country. While his uneducated membership PRAISE him for it, as he compares himself to David & Jesus himself. My best friend called me this morning with the video link and asked me if I was suprised...of course my response was HELL NO! Jamal will be married in a year or two max. He's already got a few on the side. Being raised in the church, and as a Bishop's son, it has afforded me the opportunity to meet and have relationships with countless of Bishops, Pastors and others who work in ministry, I know about the entire "starter" wife statement. I know some individuals who know all about my relationships with these pastors and some women who knowing all the stuff i've been through, wouldn't mind dating someone on the DOWNLOW, just to be the "pastors wife". Gizelle, I got your back, and if you're reading this, contact me! You know I love you despite our immense differences and difficulties. Gizelle is a very smart cookie!!! YES, I KNOW that she knew about him running around the difference is that it was made very public this time which caused her and her family to be humiliated and it resulted in him having more children!!! All this time we have wondered how he could go on as "business as usual", I'll tell you how....Gizelle took his sorry butt back making him believe that it was all good and all the while she.....

1. Consulted with a lawyer

2. Hired a Private Investigator

3. Came to church on Sundays

4. When Jamal was away she gathered all his financial statements

5. Moved into the brand new 6,000+sqft Condo over looking the water with Grace, Angel, Adore, the housekeeper and both nannies!!!

6. Took all evidence to the lawyer from the PI

7. Filed for divorce in Montgomery County where she knew she would have a FAIR CHANCE

The reality is that she filed for adultry meaning that she can and will prove that he has been unfaithful!!! So, Jamal will not be granted a limited divorce!!! HE CAN FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thoughts on Zach & Paula

While i've only had the "pleasure" of meeting Zach twice, and paula a handful of times, I know enough to know that I actually liked Paula and REALLY liked Zach! :) *Quick Digression* My past Blogs (visited by hundreds of thousands, might I add) have been KNOWN for my level of honesty, so don't be alarmed. Paula came off as a very domineering woman, but not rude or arrogant in any fashion. Zach is the opposite, arrogant and self-absorbed. He pretty much would sicken my stomach if he didn't look so much like Will Smith.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back Better than Ever!

Hello WORLD! I took the last couple of months to recuperate from what was a very difficult process in my life. I was recently taken to court by some of America’s most prominent pastors. It was a very tough legal battle, but the slap in the devil’s face was when all four counts of heresy (in which I was taken to court on) were dropped. Three of which were settled out of court and I am thus by law silenced from mentioning there names in any future posts. In the next 10 years collectively those pastors will pay me a million dollars as part of the settlement. Want to check it out? Look at local court records in which these pastors took me to court and now it say’s “Out of Court Settlement” I also recently signed a publishing deal with a very prominent company in which I will be able to share my pain and experiences as a man caught in homosexuality amongst these auspicious men of God.

My life is much better than the last “cry for help” in which I plainly poured my feelings out about “J” the very popular pastor in which I was in a relationship with, who didn’t even acknowledge my presence when I was in a room nor did he even care to handle things properly as far as breaking up with me was concerned. Since then, he’s personally apologized and also expressed his hurts for me plainly letting the public know “Our” Business.

My intent was never to just expose these pastors or the “rat packs” of Gospel music in which I frequently spoke of. It was however to let everyone know how prevalent the spirit of homosexuality is. It is Not only on music but also on men in Ministry period. I was speaking to “Pastor J” (who now is someone I can confide in) and he shared with me that it is uncommon for many to not be! Quoted saying, “It’s not that I had gay feelings at first, or that I wanted to do it…, but there were many circles I was not allotted in, many engagements that I wasn’t welcome in, and many friendships I would’ve never developed had I NOT been one” .....ONE? What was pastor J talking about?

*BEING ONE….(short ramble)*
I’ve never looked at this lifestyle as something you can “be” but rather something you ARE. In seeking deliverance I’ve learned that it is far more complicated than that. I’ve recently left my church and found a church that is both anointed and logical! This church has a very strong deliverance ministry and in that I am finding out that I can be free from every chain that the enemy has me bound with.

*back to my intent*

My intent was also to VENT. I had kept this in so very long that I had to let someone know. It just so happened that the internet was the tool I used. It was the “last straw” when I found out that one of the pastors in which I was supposedly committed to (Really not because he was married, with kids and a ministry…and I was involved with many other pastors, singers & vocalists) told me that his wife had an STD and with a test he found out he also had…., he chose to throw the blame on me and told me I was the one who gave him the disease. After being tested, I found out that I was STD-Free. So how did this pastor get the STD? Means I was being used this entire time as just a sex object when he was in town. That started my quest for truth and for deliverance and a closer look at the lifestyle. I know God is going to use me eventually to be a Force against this lifestyle. I still have to get my flesh & life under subjection first!

I just got a call from the publishing company; I have some deadlines that I need to prepare for! Hope the e-saints are praying for me!

Ronnie J.